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Methane energy

The methane , compound generated by human waste, animal and municipal waste, could replace fossil fuels or send rockets into space and at the same time avoid the effect on the change climático.Algunos studies indicate that large amounts of hidden methane permafrost (frozen from the subsoil), under the seabed or in frozen lakes of the Arctic could be escaping into the atmosphere, precisely as a result of climate change .

An estimated reserves of methane water duplicated to all other fossil fuels worldwide and its firing capacity is very high, which could be used as fuel and produce various gases and chemicals industry .

When it is extracted from its natural place, the conditions by which it remained united disappear, so that methane can be used as an energy source.The main sources of methane are:

  • Decomposition of organic waste
  • Natural sources (swamps): 23%
  • Extraction of fossil fuels: 20% (methane was traditionally burned and emitted directly. Today we try to store as much as possible to reuse it by forming so-called natural gas).
  • The processes in the digestion and defecation of animals. 17%. (Especially from cattle).
  • The bacteria in rice: 12%
  •  Anaerobic digestion of biomass Its chemical formula is CH4.


What is Methane

Methane (from the Greek methy vino, and the suffix -ane) 2 is the simplest alkane hydrocarbon , whose chemical formula is CH 4. Each of the hydrogen atoms is linked to carbon by means of a covalent bond. It is a nonpolar substance that occurs as a gas at ordinary temperatures and pressures. It is colorless, odorless and insoluble in water. In nature it occurs as the end product of anaerobic plant rot . This natural process can be exploited to produce biogas. Many anaerobic microorganisms generate it using CO 2 as the final electron acceptor.

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