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Ethanol, the fuel that pollutes the least

Ethanol has proven to be the least polluting fuel after a new edition of the Shell Eco-Marathon was held in France. In it, several teams made up of university students from all over Europe had to be able to travel the maximum distance possible with their vehicles using only one liter of fuel.

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Ethanol a good fuel

This test, which was held from May 24 to 28, was won by the Haagse Hogeschool University team in the Netherlands, in the Urban Concept category, by achieving a distance of 848 kilometers / liter with their hydrogen vehicle . The Frenchman from Lyceé La Joliverie, within the prototypes, managed to win the race by covering 3,383 kilometers on a liter of gasoline.

However, the big winner of the contest was the car presented by the Lulea University of Technology in Sweden. He managed to travel 299 kilometers with just one liter of ethanol . That gives us a not inconsiderable average of 6.15 grams per kilometer traveled. The record until this year was 9 grams of CO2 per kilometer traveled.

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