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A gym that converts exercise into electrical energy

Now is the time to get in shape and get a perfect body for the summer or, simply, to start doing sports to feel better. For this, many people choose urban gyms, present in all large cities . In places with a lot of population, like in European capitals, the options are huge, but have you ever thought about joining an ecological gym?

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Green Gym

With that idea, Green Gym (the “Green Gym”) was born in October 2010 in the city of Berlin. It is one of the gyms and sports centers that aims to eco – fashion and exercise proposes giving a benefit to the average environment or, at the least, trying to make a awareness among its partners. Green Gym was the first official European gym to use the electricity generated by machines and people who exercise in its facilities.

Thus, every time one of its members performs cardio training, bicycles or any type of machine, that energy is recycled to be used later and returned, in this way, to the planet. In addition, all its courses and machines are implemented according to a philosophy of caring for the environment. His courses, likewise, many and very varied, are aimed at not using any type of unnecessary material or energy . Yoga, Pilates and other oriental arts courses stand out. One of the most curious is for mothers: back stretching courses to improve their quality of life. They also have workshops for children, so that from a young age they play sports, be healthy and, incidentally, become aware of the environment.

The main philosophy of Green Gym is helping its members to develop one style of life active and healthy, always trying to get the physical development goes hand in hand with the balance of mind becoming aware of the planet. Not only that, but also the gym, which on its website defines its members as “a big family”, organizes activities outside the city borders, such as surfing or other outdoor activities.


Although it is true that its monthly price is higher than the average for gyms in Berlin, for about 40 euros members are entitled to two visits to a personal trainer, use the sauna, all classes and all machines. In addition, it is an open and fresh space, which does not abuse the air conditioning and its facilities are spacious and clean.

This initiative is only the pioneer of many other gyms that are aimed at green fashion and was implemented in one of the European cities with the most ecological awareness , especially in terms of recycling, which welcomes more than 5.5 million people enrolled in the most than 6,000 fitness centers present in the city.

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