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Renewable energies: which are the most important?

Renewable energies are those that have sufficient capacity to regenerate at a higher rate than we consume them, so they are obtained from inexhaustible resources. As non-renewable energies are more easily depleted, more and more people are opting to use renewables, which have become vital for a more sustainable and planet-friendly society. In AgroCorrn we explain which are the most important and most used renewable energies currently.

Solar energy

The solar energy is one of the largest and best known renewable energies worldwide. It is the energy that comes to us from radiation from the Sun, which we can capture with solar panels and panels , and then transform it into the electricity we use or as thermal energy to heat a house or the water in it. It is one of the most used and fastest growing renewable energies today, as it is becoming easier to have it at home.

Wind power

This is another of the most important and well-known renewables. It is obtained thanks to the movement of the wind and we capture it through windmills or wind turbines placed at great heights: the wind moves the blades of the wind turbine and this movement is transmitted to a mechanism that allows us to obtain electricity. This is another of the renewable energies that have grown the most in recent years and that continues to do so.

Hydraulic energy

Undoubtedly, this is the best-known energy obtained from water , as there are others that come from this source but are obtained in different ways. The hydraulic power needs dams in which water can flow in the desired amount and cascade to generate the force and movement which are used to produce electricity.

Seawater energy

As we said before, thanks to the renewable resource of water , we can obtain electricity in different ways and tidal energy is what takes advantage of the movement that is given in the tides , when they increase and decrease.

Osmotic energy

This renewable energy from water is less known than the previous ones. It is the one that uses the difference in the saline concentration of the water used to generate electrical energy.

Geothermal energy

Another of the most important renewable energies is geothermal, which is extracted from the thermal energy inside the Earth . From it we get hot springs and also heat and electricity. It is not the best known and used throughout the world, but it is one of the most relevant in countries where these sources are available and the climate is cold.


The biomass energy is another renewable allows us to obtain heat and electricity. This is achieved thanks to the organic matter that is usually burned and it is a very important type of renewable energy because it allows the reuse of organic animal and vegetable waste that is generated at home, on farms, in forests and fields, etc.


Surely, you have heard of biogas, bioethanol or biodiesel, and you will hear more and more these names because it is about biofuels . These are a renewable energy that seeks to replace fuels obtained from fossil fuels. This energy that we convert into fuel for transportation and machinery, we obtain from vegetables, such as corn, soybeans or sunflower .

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