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Pollution tax

The tax on pollution and appliances that consume more energy is a reality in several countries. Now it is expected that in France it will also be so from the beginning of 2010. The measure would affect both professionals and individuals, each paying 32 euros for each ton of CO2 they emit. This seeks to promote the use of products that respect the environment and forcefully change the habits of French consumers.

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How much is it worth to pollute

All devices that run on fossil fuels will be taxed with this tax and electricity could also be included. The measure will apply to both the transport and accommodation sectors. It is estimated that each household will pay between 170 and 300 euros per year.

Sweden is the best example that this type of tax can work very well. There, the so-called ecotaxes have been operating successfully since 1991. In fact, from 1996 to 2006 carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 16%. Green taxation works effectively in the Nordic country.

In Denmark the same measure was adopted only a year later, in 1992. Every ton of CO2 is taxed at 12 euros and consumption of electricity is paid at 80.2 euros per megawatt / h if it is intended for heating, 8, 6 euros per megawatt / h if it is used for industry and 89.5 euros per megawatt / h if it is used for other uses.

Canada is also a country worth mentioning. He pioneered the creation of an environmental tax applied from 2007 on which natural gas, oil, electricity generated by diesel oil and coal are levied . The 131 million euros that were raised were allocated to the development of public transport and different environmental actions that benefited both the inhabitants and the ecosystem.

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