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Pollution in Mexico City

Worrisome levels of contamination have been registered in Mexico City. Although we already knew that it was one of the most polluted cities on the planet, we have been surprised by the data that emerges from the First Report on the Pollutant Emissions and Transfer Registry (PRTR) of the Federal District. In this EcologiaVerde article, we talk about pollution in Mexico City.

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The problem of pollution in Mexico

There we can see how 2,814 kilograms of lead are dumped into wastewater every year. Additionally, other pollutants that end up in the city’s sewer and drainage system include cadmium, nickel, and ethanol.

By sectors, the services sector takes the cake with 1,314 kilograms per year of lead , followed by the industrial sector with 1,145 kilograms and commerce with 355 kilograms.

As if that were not enough, the air is very polluted. Nothing more and nothing less than 547,000 tons of carbon dioxide are expanded each year through Mexico City. The industries that have the most to do with these emissions are tobacco, beverages and food due to the use that this entails in fuels for transportation.

Finally, the report has commented that potentially carcinogenic substances for man such as styrene or vinylbenzene are also released , with more than 10,000 tons coming from the plastic and rubber industry.

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