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The most polluted countries in the world

Despite the increase in environmental protection measures, the population of developing countries is still not fully aware. The high levels of pollution with which thousands of people live around the world have ended up giving chilling figures. And, according to the United Nations, air pollution is responsible for millions of deaths every year. It is estimated that more than seven million people will lose their lives due to these high levels of pollution.

Other data obtained by the Greenpeace organization offer us a broader vision of the problem. This organization points out that 18 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are in developing countries such as China, India and Bangladesh.

In this AgroCorrn article we offer you a list of the six most polluted countries in the world .

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  1. Bangladesh the most polluted country in 2018
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. India
  4. China
  5. Egypt
  6. Brazil, another of the large countries that are most contaminated
  7. Russia

Bangladesh the most polluted country in 2018

This Asian country is located between India and Myanmar, in the Bay of Bengal. This past year 2018, Bangladesh has ranked as the most polluted in the world, surpassing those that we will see below that have already been at the top of the list of the most serious pollution situation for many years .

Specifically, according to the World Air Quality 2018 report, it has reached an average of 97.10 pollution particles in the air quality index, a very high level to be an average. Such amount of pollution is due to the fact that it has more than 166 million inhabitants and in recent years the industrial sector has grown exponentially, filling the country with factories, especially textiles. Here you can learn more about Why the air is polluted .

Saudi Arabia

In the second place on the list we find Saudi Arabia, whose main source of economy has also become its biggest problem. Oil exploitations not only generate profits, the emissions of this fossil fuel are terribly toxic and harmful to health. And it only affects farmland and cities, also water supply sources and the sea.

In addition, due to sandstorms, air quality plummets due to the high concentration of harmful particles in the environment .

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As with most of the countries on the most polluted list , India also owes its high pollution rate to rapid industrial growth. Similarly, the misuse of fertilizers has not only polluted the land but also the aquifers.

The large number of new vehicles circulating in the country’s cities, such as New Delhi, have triggered the WHO’s alarm. The air quality of this city has claimed more than 900 thousand lives, all related to serious respiratory diseases. So much so, that it has exceeded 60 times the maximum levels of air pollution considered safe for humans.

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Although in recent years China topped the list of the most polluted countries, the awareness and operation of the new measures against environmental pollution have begun to bear fruit. However, in large cities the layer of pollution is so dense that you can hardly see the sun. Some data collected indicate that China continues to double the amount of CO2 emitted by other large countries such as the United States.

Many of the world’s most polluted cities are within China. Without going much back in the past, we will all remember the fines and complaints filed by great athletes during the Beijing Olympics. In fact, in that same year, Beijing suffered a total of 2,589 deaths related to high levels of pollution.

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Another of the most polluted countries is Egypt. Africa is, along with Central and Southeast Asia, the world’s hot spot for pollution. As with countries like India and Saudi Arabia, the rapid industrialization process has caused many of the startups to produce massive amounts of gases and cement residues in the atmosphere.

In Cairo , the country’s capital, there are contamination levels of 74ug / m3 that represent a total of 20 times more than the acceptable level of contamination.

Brazil, another of the large countries that are most contaminated

As with other developing countries, Brazil is at the peak of its economic development. Unfortunately, the low awareness of the population and the scarcity of measures that the government, and other powers of the country, have brought about an exponential increase in gas emotions .

To all this, there is also the massive deforestation that one of the main green lungs of the planet, the Amazon, is suffering.


We finish this list of the countries most contaminated with Russia. One of the key points of its high percentage of contamination lies in the large amount of nuclear and industrial waste in the territory. The city of Karabash is in the top of the five most polluted cities in the world .

As if that were not enough, the country has a low percentage of drinking water. All these factors have had serious consequences on the health of its inhabitants. And although during the last ten years measures have been approved to alleviate the emission and dumping of waste, there is still a long way to go to leave the top positions among the most contaminated countries in the world.

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