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Surely, these plants with bright red flowers sound familiar to you, a beautiful ornamental plant that you may have mistaken more than once for an artificial one … It is the Anthurium , a very resistant specimen that hardly requires care throughout the year. However, it is also true that there are some pests and diseases that can affect it if we do not give it the minimum care it needs. Take note of the following anthurium care and you will keep your plant as perfect as the first day.

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Basic anthurium care

  • Temperature: Anthurium must be at an ambient temperature of between 15 and 29ºC (in humid spaces), never with significant changes in the environment that may affect it.
  • Lighting : although they need to receive good lighting, these specimens cannot be exposed directly and for a long time in the sun since their leaves and flowers could dry out.
  • Environment: the most important thing for the correct development and maintenance of this plant is that it is in an environment with high humidity, so you should avoid placing them in heated places as much as possible.
  • Watering: the plant itself must also be continuously hydrated, which you will achieve thanks to a weekly watering in winter or three times a week in spring or summer. However, the most important thing is to keep the humidity of its leaves and flowers by spraying warm water (and without lime) on them as many times as you think necessary.
  • Cleanliness: one of the charms of this plant lies in its vivid and bright red and green color; To keep it always as attractive as the first time, you must maintain a good cleanliness of the specimen, eliminating the dust that accumulates on its leaves, also damaging the passage of light. To do this, moisten a cloth in soapy water with a product that enhances the shine and rub gently on its leaves following some tips for cleaning plants.

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