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Growing plants in small pots is something that attracts anyone: They don’t seem to need much care, they don’t take up too much space, they are very cute at an ornamental level and they are also perfect for children’s first contacts with plants.

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If this is the first time you do it, here are some useful tips so you can dare once and for all.

Go trying different plants that you like; You will be surprised to see that many of them not only resist growth in these pots but can also develop normally. However, be careful since if the plant does not flower, you will probably have to transplant it to a larger container to favor its development .

The importance of light

Sunlight is essential for these tiny plants, so it is important that you look for well-lit spaces (it does not matter if the sunlight is direct or indirect). In the event that you do not have too much sunlight or that you have preferred to dedicate it to other larger or important specimens for you, look for some plants resistant to shade or semi-shade for these pots.

As in larger plants, you must eliminate the defective parts that have not managed to develop or have withered or dried, because in addition to giving more beauty to the plant it will give it more health.

Be careful with watering, because if you run out of water you could literally drown the plant. Keep in mind that the substrate is very scarce and an excessive amount of water will most likely rot the roots.

In relation to the above and precisely so that this does not happen, you must be cautious when choosing the containers, which must favor good drainage.

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