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One of the most important decorative motifs on Halloween Night is the pumpkin, conveniently carved. We can always resort to buying our vegetable in a store but it is surprisingly easy to grow pumpkins in our garden. At AgroCorrn, we explain how to grow pumpkins for Halloween.

  1. Pumpkin characteristics
  2. Climate and irrigation
  3. Sowing
  4. Pumpkin care


Pumpkin characteristics

The pumpkin ( Cucurbita maxima ) is a creeping annual plant with broad leaves that are rough to the touch due to the hair that covers them. Its stems have branched tendrils and the large, orange flowers can be male or female. The latter are the only ones that bear fruit.

There are round, elongated, pear-shaped, orange, green, yellow varieties, almost any color and shape is possible in a pumpkin. We can also classify them by their use: ornamental gourds, angel hair for jams or forage, which are those that weigh up to thirty kilograms. The latter can be very interesting for decorative use on Halloween.

Climate and irrigation

The pumpkin prefers warm climates , being very sensitive to frost. If they have enough moisture and compost, it develops well and without much care.

Our plant needs a lot of water , especially when it bears fruit. It is necessary to do abundant infrequent waterings, do not wet the aerial part and avoid water stagnations. Due to its great vigor and growth, it quickly consumes the resources available in the field, so soluble fertilizers must be applied every fifteen days.


It can be sown from March in covered pots , putting two or three seeds in each one. The transplanting to the final ground will be done when there is no risk of frost.

The sowing outdoors is done from May, by hitting with two or three seeds in holes of 40 centimeters in diameter. You have to separate the planting lines two or three meters and protect the seeds with bells until the plants have a little strength.

The soil should be spongy, light and well drained, with abundant organic matter. Due to its great development, it is advisable to look for an open site where it can spread without problems.

Pumpkin care

Its maintenance is simple, we will only have to remove the weeds until the stems and leaves cover the ground since they would prevent their birth. Once our plantation begins to develop, it is convenient to thin out, eliminating the diseased bushes and those that are in worse condition.

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