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We can have plants in various places such as the garden, the interior of the home, a flowerpot, a planter … or a terrarium, which is also one of the places where they can be grown more easily since they do not need as much care as in any other support, in fact, many experts say that terrarium plants “take care of themselves”. Although it is clear that it is a somewhat risky and exaggerated statement, it is true that in terrariums better conditions of humidity and temperature can be achieved. Here are a few tips for caring for plants in a terrarium.

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How to care for the plants in a terrarium

  • One of the main ones is pruning and that must be done to any species at the moment in which they begin to be too large for the dimensions of the terrarium and can come off or be damaged when colliding with the structure. You should also remove any dead or diseased parts so that they do not hinder development, in addition to removing all the parts that you have cut from the interior of the terrarium.
  • Very few terrariums require compost, since the fertilizer causes a growth that is too fast than is recommended for the species that go in terrariums, while the chemical substances that are in the fertilizers can also accumulate in the soil and impair development.
  • Terrarium plants can be fertilized when they have been cultivated for more than a year since they begin to be wilted, weak and yellowish, so the ideal is to use a soluble product to recover lost life, although always do it in small quantities.
  • If you are going to put an animal make sure it is a compatible species with the plants you have.
  • Finally, in the terrarium you must reproduce exactly the conditions of humidity, temperature, light and any other that each plant needs to be able to develop correctly. In addition, you must inform yourself well if the specific plant that you are going to choose has any special conditions for its care.

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