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When you want to plant a tree in your garden, you have a wide variety to choose from, each with different characteristics to suit your needs. One of the best options is cedar, which can reach 30 meters in height and has a spectacular appearance.

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Plant a cedar

The first thing you have to choose when you want to plant a cedar is its location, which has to be the most suitable for this type of tree. Cedar grows a lot, so it is not recommended for a small garden since it will need a lot of space to be able to develop and reach its maximum splendor.

Once the site has been chosen, the planting hole must be made. If you have grass in that area, you have to remove a good layer, marking the area that will be the hole with a shovel. To remove the grass, use a hoe and remove it horizontally. Then make several holes with a vertical shovel until you reach the part where the earth changes color, which is when you will stop digging since you will have reached 40 centimeters.

The next step is to plant the tree , first putting universal substrate and then placing the tree in the center, being very important that it is totally vertical. If you have the root ball wrapped with a mesh so that it is more protected, loosen it a little so that it does not have problems growing, and if you see that it is a lot you can remove it so that it is more released.

The last thing will be to improve the soil, for which it is advisable to add an organic fertilizer . Do not put back the grass that you removed as its roots could be detrimental to the growth of the cedar.

Different ways to plant a cedar

It is a conifer that you can plant in different ways :

  • In root ball
  • Bare root
  • In a pot (or any other container)

Depending on the chosen form, you will have more or less time to plant the cedar. In the case of being a bare root, you will have to plant it immediately so that it does not die, while if you do it with a root ball you will have about two weeks to be able to plant it.

In the case of doing it in a pot or in any other container, you can do it at any time of the year and without time limit.

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