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What better solution to create a shady area in our garden than a trellis? And the good thing is that a vine will not only serve us to provide a good shade on hot summer afternoons, but it will also provide us with some delicious grapes.

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Make a trellis

Few plants are as adapted to the climate of the peninsula as the vine. Especially if they can grow in Mediterranean climates , which are the ones that benefit it the most. The vine withstands the heat of the summer sun and withstands drought. What’s more, it needs good sun to thrive.

A trellis is nothing more than a vine growing done in such a way that we force the plant to raise its branches, entangling itself in the supports that we have prepared for it. If it is allowed to grow freely, the branches of the vine can reach 30 meters in height; however, vineyards are pruned in such a way that they hardly grow. The vine grows rapidly, with which in two or three years we can have a vine ready.

To the advantages of its strength, its fruits and its ability to give freshness in summer , the fact that the vine is a deciduous plant is added ; This is appreciated in winter, because the place where the arbor is located will be illuminated by the sun, as the vine has lost its leaves.

It is convenient to prune the vine, as its branches grow in such a way that they accumulate with each other so that they can become too heavy and the structure that serves as a support bulge.

When planting the vine, we must take into account the type of soil we have. Clay soils and very fertile soils are not very suitable , since the plant grows with such vigor that it produces more branches and leaves than fruits; although if the purpose of the vine is to provide shade, it will not matter too much. As for the climate, it resists both heat and frost, although temperatures below 15 degrees below zero can damage it.

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