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Logically, any plant grown in a pot requires special care, since it is not growing in its natural condition. The good news is that, although it seems totally the opposite, species kept in pots are not too demanding. In addition, planting in pots has other advantages, such as the possibility of effectively controlling the health of the soil, experimenting with different colors, moving the specimen depending on the sun it needs …

As you know, almost any plant can be grown in pots. Of course, it is necessary to follow a series of specific cares. In this AgroCorrn article we are going to give you a few tricks to grow in pots , so that you can be successful with growing your plants in pots.

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  1. Pot size
  2. Sewer system
  3. Watch out for the midday sun

Pot size

Although it seems logical, there are many people who do not take into account the size of the pot when choosing it according to the plant that you want to place. However, it is very important to be sure that there is sufficient space for the roots, taking into account the size of the plants when they mature and their growth habits.

Sewer system

Another key to growing in pots is to have good irrigation water drainage , which can be through the holes in the pot or through a layer of 2 or 3 centimeters of gravel at the bottom of the container. If you plan to use a decorative pot without holes, ideally you should plant in a plastic pot with smaller holes that will fit the pot you really want.

Watch out for the midday sun

On the other hand, it is very important not to leave the pots in full sun at noon , even if the plants require a lot of sun exposure. The reason is that pots heat up much faster than earthen gardens. It is best to place the pots in a shady place that receives the reflections of the sun on a wall.

Finally, we recommend that you check your pots every day to see if the soil is dry or if it needs fertilizers.

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