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Rice can be obtained in short, medium or long grain and grows relatively easily both in the garden, in a patio or in pots, always depending on the nutrients it has and other conditions such as water or soil. It is very important that it is always in humid conditions and where it develops best is in puddles of water or in swampy conditions.

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Tips for growing rice

When the grains develop, they have to drain well to be able to harvest and grind what you have harvested, at which point it will be available for use as food. Take note of these tips for growing rice:

  • Seeds : You can get them at any garden store or where they have farmer supplies.
  • Soil : Ideally, it should be made up of slightly acidic clay since this will achieve the best results. You can also plant it in buckets or pots as long as the soil conditions are ideal.
  • Light : Choose a location that receives a lot of sunlight as it is very good for its development.
  • Temperatures : It needs warm climates and the ideal is that it is always in temperatures above 21ºC.
  • Sowing : Soak the seeds in water to prepare them for sowing and let them soak for more than 12 hours but never more than 36. Plant the seeds afterwards throughout the soil, ideally during autumn or spring,
  • Compost : You must add compost or compost to the soil, slightly covering the rice grains but in such a way that they are well exposed to the sun in order to obtain all their nutrients.
  • Irrigation : Very abundant since it needs a lot of water. Always keep at least 5 centimeters of water height so that it can grow well.
  • Harvest : The rice will mature in 3 or 4 months, depending on the conditions in which it has grown. Allow excess water to dry before stirring for harvest.

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