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The dwarf pine is a species that is planted in a pot and that does not usually reach more than 3 meters in height. Its growth is slow and its leaves are long, green, thin and pointed, like needles. The best location for this tree is outdoors, but if you want it indoors and you have the right conditions, you will have no problem getting it to develop. Of course, you must have enough space for it to grow naturally.

This variety of pine is often used to design rockery gardens, but since it is a somewhat small variety, it also looks great indoors in a pot. It also works well on patios, terraces, or balconies. The truth is that it is perfect for practically any space. That is why if you want to learn about the cultivation and care of dwarf pine in the following Green Egology article you will find useful information.

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  1. What care of the dwarf pine must be taken into account
  2. Lighting for dwarf pine
  3. Optimal temperature for Pinus pumila
  4. Watering the dwarf pine
  5. Fertilizer for dwarf pine
  6. When and how to prune a dwarf pine

What care of the dwarf pine must be taken into account

The essential factors for the cultivation and care of dwarf pine or Pinus pumila are:

  • The lighting.
  • The temperature.
  • Irrigation.
  • Compost.
  • The pruning.

We will explain all of them in more detail below, but we also recommend that if you have specific doubts, consult the professionals of the same store specializing in plants and gardening where you buy dwarf pine.

Lighting for dwarf pine

The Pinus pumila needs to be in full sun for as long as possible each day, in addition to being a fully lit place, even indirectly during the other hours of the day when the sun is not so strong in the area. For this reason, and for other reasons, it is totally advisable to have it outside the home and not inside.

Optimal temperature for Pinus pumila

This tree is one of the most resistant that you can find, withstanding both very cold and hot temperatures. In any case, it has an ideal temperature like any plant, and in this case it is between 10ºC and 25ºC .

Watering the dwarf pine

It depends on the time of year. In summer you should do it very often so that it is always humid, and in colder times it will be enough to spray so that the substrate remains humid.

Fertilizer for dwarf pine

The most indicated is a granulated fertilizer for conifers . It doesn’t really need a lot of compost or very fertile soil to grow, so it is an issue that you should not worry too much about.

We recommend you consult this other AgroCorrn article about organic fertilizer: what it is, types, benefits and how to do it .

When and how to prune a dwarf pine

During the fall, the largest branches must be pruned in order to achieve a more compact foliage and pinch the new shoots. Pinching the new shoots will make the leaves more abundant and shorter, which will increase the volume.

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