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The fir is one of the many trees you can plant in your garden and world – famous, among other things, as the tree Christmas classic. It has evergreen leaves, shiny and with two well differentiated white bands. It is a decorative tree that you can put both outside and inside the home and that reaches a height of between 30 and 50 meters.

At AgroCorrn we give you a few tips so that you know how to care for a fir tree and what conditions it needs for its proper development. Take note.

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Basic care of a fir

  • Sowing: it must be direct and it is recommended to buy it in a pot to keep it as a houseplant or to transplant it outside. The pots for planting must be large and with sufficient capacity to drain excess water.
  • Compost: you need organomineral fertilizers, which you can find anywhere they sell fertilizers since they are not very difficult to find.
  • Watering: you have to water it daily but without overdoing it, so you can do it every 3 days abundantly so you don’t have to do it every day. It needs fresh air to be able to absorb water and develop properly.
  • Temperature and light: it is not very demanding on light so it adapts to almost any environment. As for the temperature, it usually grows in cold or temperate climates in which there are no drastic changes, so it requires a high level of humidity and does not resist a climate that is always with dry air.
  • Pruning: you can do it whenever you need it and the only thing you have to keep in mind is that the tree cannot be wet when doing it.
  • Substrate: the ideal is that it is in fresh, rich and deep soils although it can also be adapted to somewhat poorer soils. It cannot develop on sandy soils as they are too dry, nor on compact ones.
  • Transplantation: it is recommended that during the same you carry out a pruning and later several more to achieve a greater density in the foliage, in addition to that it will be more uniform and will help you avoid diseases that come from fungi and bacteria.

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