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The fennel is a perennial plant that originated in the Mediterranean and exploit multiple parts, such as buds, seeds and leaves, serving all seasoning for sauces or fish. It can reach two meters in height and it has leaves that are divided into segments and are spun. Its flowers are aromatic and bloom in summer.

It is another of the many plants that you can get a lot out of, especially if you like to use these types of herbs or spices in your kitchen. Their care is relatively simple, so you should not spend a lot of time or effort on them. Read on and you’ll see that you don’t need to be a great gardening expert to be able to grow and care for fennel.

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Fennel care

  • Soil: never plant it in acidic soil as it is the only one that does not tolerate. The perfect one for this plant is one that has a lot of manure, mineral salts and humus.
  • Lighting: it should be in full sun for several hours a day. It is not harmed by the sun’s rays so there is no problem with excessive exposure.
  • Temperatures: it tolerates any type of temperature quite well, but it is not recommended that they be excessively cold as it could suffer a lot.
  • Irrigation: it has to be abundant during the summer and in less quantity during the rest of the year. The plant must always be wet, so when it dries you will have to water again, but be careful not to get waterlogged.
  • Harvesting: the buds can be harvested now for consumption when they exceed 10 cm in width.
  • Pests and diseases: it is very resistant to them, so they will only appear due to some disorder due to poor care.
  • Multiplication : it must be done from seeds, both in autumn and winter.

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