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Why the lemon tree should go along with the lavender

There are many gardeners who decide to have a nice lemon tree in their garden. Lemon trees, in addition to being beautiful trees , provide us with lemons … an exquisite fruit that cannot be absent from our daily diet thanks to the fact that it is very beneficial for the body.

But, growing a lemon tree is not that easy and getting it to thrive without pests is a constant job that gardeners should be aware of. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article if you want to know why the lemon tree should go together with the lavender .

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  1. Why do you have to have a lemon tree and a lavender
  2. Lemon and lavender
  3. Happy companions
  4. A help for your tree

Why you have to have a lemon tree and a lavender

Having a lemon tree in the garden is very lucky. In addition, if that were not enough, it gives off an adorable lemon aroma that will intoxicate you every day. But if in addition to wanting to have a lemon tree in your home you also like lavender and are thinking of having them close to each other, then you are in luck. You want to know why?

To plant lemon trees successfully, it is better that you buy them in a nursery that is already somewhat grown , so you can ensure that they will be strong with the care you give them. You should also inform yourself about the care you need taking into account the climate in which you find yourself. But lavender is much more than a beautiful plant with an incredible aroma, it is a plant that you should plant near the lemon tree because in addition to being good friends, they complement each other very well .

Lemon and lavender

Did you know that the best protection against the pests that commonly attack lemon trees is to plant the plants that help you repel those pests? As you can imagine, lavender is a plant that will help you repel pests . You need to plant lavender around the lemon tree to help keep your tree healthy forever.

But as if that were not enough, it will be a very beautiful picture in your garden because the strong green color, with the yellow of the lemons, goes very well with the green of the lavender, but above all it also fits perfectly with the purple of the lavender. You will have a beautiful garden thanks to lemons and lavender.

Happy companions

But in addition to lavender, marigolds can also be a good flower to blend into your landscape. Marigolds are very beautiful flowering plants that will make a difference in your garden and will ensure that you have a beautiful and relaxing landscape full of life and nature. Marigolds are plants that should go close to lavender to maximize their power to drive away the dreaded pests from your lemon tree.

This is because both calendula and lavender give off intense aromas that are too strong for many insects, causing them to move away and the lemon tree is not a target for pests. You can also use nasturtium flowers which are also useful and can keep pests away from your lemon tree.

A help for your tree

If in addition to planting the lavender near the tree (or also the other plants mentioned) you want to give your lemon tree extra help, then do not hesitate to keep insects at bay thanks to a spray. Get an organic canola oil spray . Aphids and insects can also be deterred by spraying very hard with a stream of water that makes the bugs think twice about going to infest the tree that gives you lemons.

If you weren’t planning on planting your lemon tree with lavender plants, it’s time to find a place for the two to go together from now on.

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