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The mandarin is a very nutritious fruit that is also very decorative in any garden, right? It is a highly demanded fruit around the world and comes from Southeast Asia.

In this AgroCorrn article we are going to talk to you about the basic care that a mandarin tree needs so that you always have it healthy in your garden and that it also provides you with rich and tasty mandarins full of vitamin C. You will mainly have to take into account for its well-being the climate, the soil, the irrigation, the pruning, the compost … and you will be able to enjoy its incredible flavor and its beauty in your garden!

Buy the tree

The first advice that I give you is to buy the already grown tree and then transplant it because good results are not always achieved when the mandarin tree is planted from seed. Therefore and to ensure good results, it is better to buy the tree already grown and in a healthy state.

For this, you will have to choose a pot of a good size because it will need its roots to grow freely without oppression. You should pay attention to this especially so that the pot you choose is the right one.

Too much sun

The mandarin tree will need a lot of sun so you will have to choose a privileged place in your garden. Although it is a tree that resists the cold quite well, they would not survive a frost, so if you live in a climate where there may be frequent frosts, I advise you that on colder days, place the pot of your tree inside your home and when you want to spend it do it to the earth in a place where the sun always shines.

The importance of the land

The mandarin tree needs a lot of fertilizer and micronutrients, for this reason you must always provide it with good watering , but it must be an irrigation that does not flood or lack, that is, make sure that the soil is moist but not wet.

When you have the tree still in the pot, you should water it only when the top of the soil touches it and it is dry. But remember that the first weeks of the transfer to the ground it will need a lot of water until it has fully established in the soil, so it will be better to water it daily.

Compost and pruning

In addition, it is very important that during the first year of the tree’s life that you fertilize the soil at least twice during the year.

Pruning is also important to be able to discard those weak, diseased or dead branches, so annual pruning will also be necessary.

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