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Mother of Pearl or Graptopétalo plant care

If you like succulents, do not lose detail and take good note of the characteristics of Mother of Pearl or Graptopétalo since it is a really beautiful plant that will bring a really interesting decorative touch to your home. It stands out above all for its impressive blue-green leaves that make it look like a real porcelain plant.

I am going to talk to you in more detail about its characteristics and the care it needs so you can enjoy it to the fullest . Take good note and choose a nice mother of pearl to grow in your home.

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  1. Description of the plant
  2. care
  3. Diseases
  4. Reproduction

Description of the plant

The graptopétalo is native to the area of ​​Mexico and has fleshy leaves that end in a point. They are bluish-green in color and have a rosette shape. During the spring months it manages to bloom, giving rise to small white flowers with triangle-shaped petals that will give life to your entire garden. It is a plant that is ideal to place on outdoor terraces and give it a personal touch. It needs very little care and light to be able to develop without problems.


Mother of pearl is a plant that supports direct sun and partial shade, although it is preferable to avoid the sun’s rays as you could damage it. If you decide to grow it in a pot, you should opt for a pot that is wide enough so that it can grow without any problems.. As for the type of substrate, it is best to use one that is loose and that ventilates quite well. You must be very careful with watering since it is a plant that does not hold excess water and can rot. During the summer months you should water it at most a couple of times a week, while in the winter it will hardly need water so you can water it once a year. In the case of quite low temperatures outside, you must remember to put the plant inside to avoid such frosts. At the time of watering you must be very careful not to wet the leaves as otherwise they can be seriously damaged.


The main problem that you can find when it comes to good plant health is that the roots can rot due to excessive watering. That is why you must be very careful when watering the mother of pearl. As for pests, mealybugs are their greatest enemy, as is the case with other succulent plants . In the event that you have located the plague you can use a little alcohol and finish with it.


In the event that the leaves fall, you can save them to grow new specimens. To do this, you will only have to bury the leaves a little and over time you will have a new plant identical to the original. In addition to the leaves, you can also use the stems of the plant to make cuttings and grow new succulents. You can use some pots or grow them directly in the soil of your garden.

I hope you have taken good note of all the care that a succulent as wonderful as mother of pearl or graptopétalo requires. It is a succulent that will help you to give color to the area of ​​the house that you want. Thanks to its shape and its leaves, it is a plant that will help give life to your terrace or garden along with the other plants you have.

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