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Multiplication of fruit trees by woody cuttings

The multiplication of trees or plants is done in a very common way to be able to get new specimens of the same characteristics, and there are several methods that can be carried out to achieve this. One of these methods is cutting , which is also one of the most widely used both in the case of trees and plants. Today I would like to focus on the multiplication of fruit trees by cuttings, which will help you get excellent specimens.

Cutting is a method of multiplication in which a portion of the plant is taken and it is achieved that it develops roots to form a new specimen. A cutting is the piece of stem that is put to root, and in the case of trees there can be up to three types of cuttings: woody cuttings, semi-woody cuttings and root cuttings.

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How to cut

This type of cutting is carried out especially in deciduous trees , although it can also be done in many that are evergreen. The part that you are going to cut, normally the stem, you must take in autumn-winter, which is when the trees will not have the leaves and it will be simpler and less harmful. Cut the branches that are one year old, and go making pieces between 15 and 75 cm in length, something that will vary depending on the species but which as a general rule should be 20-40 cm.

Make the base cut below the branch node, and the top cut about 2 cm above another node. The most common is that the cut is straight.

The stakes can be planted outdoors or covered, using in the first case the soil and in the second a tray or any other suitable container for it. Do it outdoors if you live in an area with a warm or temperate climate, but if it is usually cold it is better that the cutting is indoors. If you want to plant outdoors yes or yes and the weather is cold, wrap the stakes in plastic and store them in the fridge until you plant them in spring.

Planting the cuttings

Before planting the cuttings you should wet a couple of cm of the base with rooting hormones to be able to enhance it. In the case of woody cuttings, it is best to use liquid hormones since this will take less time, so leave the base in the liquid for several hours. Use a substrate of sand and peat in equal parts and when the following autumn arrives, transfer the cuttings to a pot until you can make the final planting.

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