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The aspidistra, one of the best indoor plants

Although the name may not sound much at first, the aspidistra is the plant of inner most commonly used in our country, thanks in part to its large green leaves that grow well even if there is little light and low humidity. It is a very easy plant to grow and it does not require a lot of attention to maintain it, so it is perfect if you do not have much time to dedicate to it.

The aspidistra could be said to be the queen of indoor plants, although it is also widely used to decorate patios, especially those in the Andalusian style. It is a plant that is especially recommended for beginners and for those who do not have much time to garden. In addition, it is a beautiful plant that will give a very special and sober touch to any room.

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Your cares

  • Watering : this is what you should pay more attention to, being very careful not to overdo it, since if it has a lot of water the leaves turn brown and lose vigor and firmness. It can go a long time without water, so only worry about moistening it at least once a week or when the top of the substrate has completely dried. The important thing is that it does not have too much dryness or excessive humidity.
  • Pruning : remove any damaged leaves that you see at any time, and do so by cutting the stem flush with the ground for a cleaner pruning. You can also cut the leaves whenever you want to accompany a bouquet or flower arrangement.
  • Lighting : it develops perfectly both in shady and bright places, although it does not feel very good to receive the sun’s rays directly.
  • Temperature : the most suitable is between 13 and 17ºC, protecting it especially from frost. In winter it is not recommended that it be near a window as it will be colder.
  • Fertilization : As for the compost, add it to the irrigation water once a week throughout the summer, which will make the leaves reach a larger size. It is important that you know that the growth of this plant is very slow, and every year only 4-5 new leaves usually sprout.

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