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The dollar is a hanging plant with small, slightly rounded leaves and a deep green color. It blooms in the fall and its flower is quite aromatic a purplish blue color. It is a resistant plant that adapts to any place, as long as it is not in direct sunlight, as it grows best in semi-shade.

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Characteristics of the money plant

The money plant adapts to both indoors and outdoors , so it is very common to see it on terraces and balconies. It reproduces by cutting, by plant division and by seeds. Tradition says that if one has a money or dollar plant in the house, money is never lacking, as some believe that it has magical powers to attract fortune.

If we plant it in the ground, it will transform into a creeping plant that will cover the earth’s surface, while if we choose to place it in a pot, it will transform into a hanging plant. Being a tropical plant, it does not tolerate very cold temperatures .

If we want to orient its growth towards the sides, we must point the tips of the main stems.

Basic care of the dollar plant

As for watering, in the summer you need to water it three times a week and only once in the winter. Be careful with excess moisture because it can kill it, it is important that the soil allows good water drainage. It is advisable to pay it every month with mineral fertilizers.

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