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The pink laurel (Nerium oleander) is a decorative outdoor shrub that produces beautiful flowers in different shades of pink. Although they are rather large and in wide places with a variety of plants and colors, there are also dwarf species that you can put in pots or small spaces. In AgroCorrn, we explain what the care of the pink laurel is.

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Basic care of pink laurel

Both are shrubs of rather warm climates , although they are also resistant to salinity and wind (not cold). However, if we want our pink laurel to flourish and do well at any time of the year, we must take different special care in winter and summer.

In winter times, it is necessary that you do at least one cleaning pruning so that you can do another one for flowering later. This will promote the development of the next flowering with more regularity and with a more stylized profile on the plant.

As it is an ornamental plant with very dense branching from the base, you can give it the shape that you like the most, either by shaping the crown and emptying the lower area a bit to maintain its tree-like appearance, or by leaving the branches that They are found at the base and prune the top so that it takes the shape of a bush.

In winter, this plant must be watered every 15 or 20 days , while in the summer it must be watered quite abundantly every four days approximately.

Always protect it against the most common diseases such as leaf necrosis or fungi on shoots, leaves and flowers, as well as aphid pests.

Although because of its beauty you would not say it, the latex that its stems give off is very toxic, so it is advisable to keep this plant away from places where our children or our pets can pass.

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