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Would you like to have a fruit tree at home? Well, today we are going to talk to you about the ideal species, especially if you live in a place with a Mediterranean or subtropical type of climate. We refer to the orange tree, a species with a beautiful appearance, refreshing fruits and flowers of enchanting beauty.

Easy to grow, the orange tree refreshes the atmosphere, as well as providing juicy fruits. Therefore, it is not surprising that these trees fill many gardens. The best thing is that it can be grown in a pot. Do you want to know how to grow a potted orange tree ? Well, at Ecologiaverde we explain it to you!

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The needs of the orange tree

The orange tree is a subtropical species that does not withstand temperatures below 0 degrees and, therefore, does not survive frost either. Thus, it requires a lot of light and warm temperatures in summer to develop its fruits well, although it also needs a humid environment, both in the air and on the ground, it prefers non-limestone, sandy, deep and cool soil and is sensitive to salinity. . In addition, it must be protected from the wind.

When and where to plant an orange tree

If you want to plant the orange tree in a pot, it should be as big and deep as possible so that the orange tree can grow. Precisely now is the time to sow this species, since it is usually done in early spring , from seeds or through grafting. Oranges are harvested from October to June. To grow the orange tree you will need soil, citrus fertilizer, sand to facilitate drainage and good quality mulch.

Orange tree care

The watering should be done regularly , especially in hot weather. Of course, it is important not to overdo it with water and water preferably at night to avoid rapid evaporation. In winter it will be necessary to take it indoors to prevent it from freezing and cover it with a veil.

Finally, it is important to prune from the first year , cutting the stems of more than 30 cm. At the end of winter you will have to cut the branches and prune the dead stems and shortly before spring you will have to remove the leaves from the very dense branches to favor the growth of the fruits.

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