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The manzanilla is a highly recommended herb for medicinal purposes. It is characterized by having properties: disinfectants, digestive and sedatives . We teach you how to successfully grow your own chamomile plant in a pot.

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Step to follow

  1. Begin the cultivation by planting seeds in midsummer. Sprinkle a few on top of a potting soil and cover them with a thin layer of vermiculite (a mineral made of silicates).
  2. After two weeks, the seeds will have germinated, choose the strongest shoot and remove the weakest.
  3. Transplant into a pot that is at least 16 inches in diameter. Avoid placing chamomile near other pots so they don’t scatter.
  4. Use loose soil that allows good drainage. Prepare the mixture of two parts of black earth with a little coarse sand.
  5. Place the pot in the garden or indoors. Choose a site that receives plenty of sunlight but does not receive direct sunlight on the plant.
  6. The waterings must be daily to maintain an optimum level of humidity in the substrate.
  7. When most of the flowers have opened, it will be the right time to harvest.
  8. Pick only the flowers that are fully open, taking care not to cut leaves and stems.
  9. Leave the flowers to dry on a piece of paper in a cool, shady place where the air can flow.
  10. When you finish harvesting the flowers, do a pruning to give the plant new life. Cut off the tips of the stems that carried the flowers .

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