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Are you interested in knowing when to plant tulip bulbs ? If you are thinking of filling your pots or a part of your garden with these beautiful flowering plants, it is good that you inform yourself as much as possible about what it is like, how to plant them and when to do it, how to take care of them, etc.

In AgroCorrn we have several guides on tulips but in this article we will focus on talking about what the tulip season is to plant your bulbs and get them to grow successfully. Therefore, if you are interested in discovering when to plant tulips from their bulbs, do not miss this gardening guide.

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  1. When to plant tulips – Northern hemisphere
  2. When to plant tulips – southern hemisphere
  3. How to care for potted tulips

When to plant tulips – Northern hemisphere

Tulip bulbs can generally be planted for 6 months to half a year. However, the best time to plant tulips is in autumn , it can be done from September to January in the Northern Hemisphere . In fact, what is really important is to keep in mind that they must be sown when it is not too hot, but always before the frosts begin.

This time is the one that most favors the growth of tulip bulbs, but if they are planted much earlier, with too much heat and the earth too hot, or after this time, with frosts, the bulbs will not develop or they will do it very little. In this way, they will grow better and the tulips will bloom between the months of April and May.

When to plant tulips – southern hemisphere

Now that you know when to plant tulips in the Northern Hemisphere, let’s talk about the Southern Hemisphere, because as you already know, the months with respect to the seasons change.

If you want to know when to plant tulip bulbs in the southern hemisphere , take note that the best time is also fall, since, in general, it is the most suitable temperature for the bulbs to develop. However, in the case of the South, autumn is more or less from March to May . It is best to plant the tulip bulbs from the beginning of April to the end of June at the latest. In this way, they will bloom during the months of September and October.

As you already know the basics about the time to plant tulips in soil or in pots, we recommend these other AgroCorrn gardening guides on How to preserve tulip bulbs and How to plant tulips . You can also watch the video on bulb conservation below.

How to care for potted tulips

Since you already know the time to plant tulips, let’s talk about some tips on how to plant tulips :

  • When you go to choose a tulip bulb to buy, make sure it has a somewhat hard and consistent touch, that it has a thin skin, like an onion. If you notice something, wrinkled or soft, do not choose it because it will not be in good condition.
  • To interrupt the dormancy of the bulbs and get them to start growing, it is important that they go cold before sowing them.
  • It is more advisable to buy tulip bulbs grown in the area where you live, or from the same country, because tulip bulbs imported from other places with other climates can have different cycles. In this case, they would not grow well or flourish in different places.
  • It needs a cold soil to develop well, so a good time to plant it is when the soil temperature is stable and below 15ºC.
  • This type of bulb does not withstand long periods off the ground well. For this reason, we recommend planting it during the same week of its purchase.
  • Drill holes in the soil that are three times the height of each bulb when you go to plant them.

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Now that you know when to plant tulips and also a little more about their care, we recommend expanding this knowledge with this other specific article on How to care for potted tulips and this video from our YouTube channel dedicated to this topic.

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