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+15 autumn plants for the garden

The autumn months are perfect to enjoy your garden and contemplate in it beautiful plants that brighten your day. During the autumn season there are a series of plants that should not be missing in your garden, since their flowering means that, despite the low temperatures, you can contemplate a beautiful visual spectacle.

In AgroCorrn we show you +15 autumn plants for the garden or any outdoor area, since they perfectly withstand the cold of this time of year. Choose any of them and you will see that they will help you have a splendid and spectacular garden even when the weather seems not to be so favorable.

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  1. Pansies: hardy and colorful fall plants
  2. Cyclamen – one of the very cold hardy flowering plants
  3. Ornamental or garden cabbage
  4. Daisy of the Meadows and Aster
  5. Hydrangeas: some well-known autumn plants for the garden
  6. Chrysanthemums
  7. More fall plants for the garden

Pansies: hardy and colorful fall plants

This class of plants perfectly withstands low temperatures and is ideal for the autumn and winter months. These are plants with very colorful and cold resistant flowers that will make your garden look splendid. In fact, there are several varieties with many different colors, and there are even more than one color in each flower.

When it comes to growing your pansies or violas , you will need a soil that is rich in nutrients, with good drainage and with a fairly humid environment. If you take these 3 factors into account, you can enjoy some spectacular pansies in your home garden, whether they are planted in the ground itself or in pots.

Cyclamen: one of the very cold hardy flowering plants

Another of the autumn plants for the garden or terrace that cannot be missing from your list is the cyclamen or Cyclamen plant . It is a plant that perfectly resists low temperatures and with a very beautiful and striking flowering that endures both autumn and winter. This plant, currently, can be found in large or small size and in a variety of colors, but mainly in white, pink, red, yellow tones and with more than one color in the flowers, especially in combinations of red and pink, red and white and pink and white.

When it comes to growing and caring for it, you should avoid drafts at all times and a place where there is enough light and the degree of humidity is high. Without a doubt, it is a good option to plant in your garden for cold seasons. If you want to learn about the care of cyclamen to have it at home, we recommend this written AgroCorrn guide or, watch the video on our YouTube channel that you can see below.

Ornamental or garden cabbage

Although it is a type of plant that shows a great resemblance to the cabbages of all life, it cannot be eaten but it will give a great color to your garden during the autumn months. To enjoy all its splendor, it is advisable to plant it in early November and choose a small size so that it can grow without any problem in your garden.

As for the care of ornamental or garden cabbage , they are not too demanding since it requires good light, regular watering and good pest control to prevent them from suffering any type of damage while it grows. In this short practical guide you can learn more about the cultivation and care of garden or ornamental cabbage .

Daisy of the Meadows and Aster

The daisy of the meadows is the typical white color with the yellow or orange central button, but if you prefer to have touches of colors in autumn, you can opt for the Aster daisy variety that has colorful flowers such as white, pink, fuchsia, lilac and violet.

Thus, this is another of the typical autumn plants and, as in the case of the previous recommendations, it does not require much care. It is important that it has good drainage and fertilize it correctly during the cold months. In this way you can enjoy a beautiful and colorful plant in these months when the cold makes an appearance. Consult more about Daisy care by entering this other article.

Hydrangeas: some well-known autumn plants for the garden

Hydrangeas are one of the most commonly used flowering shrub plants in gardening. These plants withstand cold seasons very well , except if there are frosts. In addition to being able to occupy a lot of space in the garden, so they are perfect to cover parts that we want to see full of life, hydrangea flowers can be of various colors, so you can choose between different varieties. specifically, there are flowers with colors such as white, pink, lilac and, the strangest, blue.

Here we offer you a guide on Blue Hydrangeas: care and how to grow them .


If you like flowers seen for their number of petals and their colors, chrysanthemums can be a good option for your garden in autumn . Up to 30 species of chrysanthemums are known and among the most used for outdoors are the Dendrathema x grandiflorum species , which has double and colored flowers such as orange, yellow, pink, red and purple, and the Chrysanthemum x rubellum species with white flowers. , yellow and pink. The flowering of chrysanthemums outdoors can last in its full splendor until well into November and, from then on, they will begin to wither and those that remain dry will have to be removed.

Learn all about the care and cultivation of chrysanthemums with this gardening guide from AgroCorrn.

More fall plants for the garden

If you want to know more types of outdoor autumn plants , take note of this list:

  • Hibiscus
  • Wallflower
  • Rhododendron
  • Dalias
  • Calendula
  • Ivy
  • Durillo or wild laurel
  • Prímula obcónica
  • Bunnies or snapdragon
  • Heather or heather

At the end you will see a video about some of these autumn plants.

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