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Because flowers bring joy, here at AgroCorrn we want to show you a selection of flowering shrubs so that you can give that touch of color to your garden.

In this article we show you 21 flowering bushes to encourage you to use them. Perhaps many sound familiar and others may not, but the important thing is that you know their main characteristics in a simple way so that it is easier for you to decide on your future purchase. From its leaves, the color of its flowers and its flowering stage to some useful tips for its care, it will be the information that you will find below.

What are bushes

Flowering shrubs are a key element in parks and gardens. Their great variety, flowering and aroma make them a unique reference in the private and urban landscape. In addition, they tend to be very resistant plants , some even with specific properties, as is the case with aromatic plants.

Their easy maintenance makes these purely ornamental plants an added value when it comes to giving life to our garden. Here we leave you a list with some of the most colorful and used flowering shrubs .


It belongs to the Teaceae family , the camellia or Camellia japonica is an evergreen shrub that can bloom from autumn to spring . Its solitary flowers with a wide range of colors that go from white to red, including bicolor, are very striking since, even when they detach from the stem, they remain intact for several days. It prefers humid environments and semi-shade.

Learn more about these shrubs in this other AgroCorrn article on How to care for camellias .

Cape jasmine

The Gardenia jasminoides , also known as Cape jasmine is an evergreen shrub belonging to the family of Rubiaceae . Of Asian origin, these shrubs with scented white flowers have bright green leaves that further emphasize their spectacular flowering. Suitable for temperate climates, it requires humidity, sunlight but does not affect it directly and fertilizer rich in iron since they prefer slightly acidic soils.

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Hibiscus or Chinese rose

The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis , are shrubs with red flower , although there are different color gradients passing through orange and yellow, and belong to the family Malvaceae. It is originally from China, hence it is known as the Rose of China . Deciduous and flowering throughout the year, this evergreen shrub can reach up to five meters in height. Although it has a tropical climate, it has adapted perfectly to the Mediterranean climate. The soil should be rich in organic matter and it is good to ensure that it receives direct sunlight for much of the morning.

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Chinese bell or golden bells

Commonly known as Chinese bell and botanical name Forsythia x intermedia , this shrub with yellow flowers boasts abundant and showy flowering, despite being deciduous. It belongs to the Oleaceae family and can reach up to two meters in height. Thanks to its vigor it is common to find it in parks and gardens, since it resists well the cold and the lack of water.


Belonging to the Proteaceae family , this straight shrub can reach almost three meters in height. Its flowering occurs throughout the year, although with greater intensity during spring and early summer. These shrubs with pink flowers , whose scientific name is Grevillea juniperina , can also take on other colors ranging from yellow to red. Grevillea prefers deep, acidic soils. A trick to improve the substrate is to add a sand pruning with peat.

Spanish flag or lantana

This shrub produces inflorescences of various colors, although they can also have a single color such as yellow or red, and even white. The Lantana camara is known colloquially as lantana, banderita Spanish , it camará, ou i tomaca, confite, Frutillo, supirrosa or Cariaquito and belongs to the family Verbenaceae . This shrub is of the evergreen type, very resistant and fast growing. In addition, it adapts without difficulty to any type of soil as long as it is well fertilized.

Here we detail the care of lantana .

Bird from paradise

Known as Strelitzia reginae , this evergreen shrub features alternating bright green leaves and a peculiar flower with striking colors reminiscent of the tail of a tropical bird, hence its common name. They can measure little more than a meter and a half. Although it usually blooms in spring, it can keep flowering until winter. It is recommended that it be kept in a humid ground and that it is protected from frost.


Hydrangea macrophylla belongs to the Hydrangeaceae familyand comes from the East. These shrubs with pink and deciduous flowers can reach almost two meters in height and present spectacular terminal corymbs with a continuous flowering from spring to autumn . It can also be grown in a pot to decorate interiors and its flowers, although some of the most seen are the pink ones, they can also be in other colors such as lilac, white or blue and all in various shades.

If you decide to have this plant in your garden, this practical guide from Green Ecology on Pruning hydrangeas: how and when to do it will be very useful .


The Spiraea arguta , the name by which it is commonly known as Espirea, are shrubs with white flowers that belong to the Rosaceae family and are deciduous. Its maximum height is two meters and they have alternate and oval leaves of light green colors. Its white flowers are distributed in bouquets and are abundantly blooming in spring. They are used to decorate gardens and parks to form hedges or isolated elements. Well-fertilized soil with good drainage is recommended.

Rosal La Sevillana

These shrubs with red flowers are widely used for the formation of hedges or in isolation thanks to their abundant flowering . This type of rose bush maintains a closer resemblance to the canine rose, since the petals of its flowers are much more open. It is easy to plant and maintain, as it does not require a lot of water and adapts easily to almost all types of terrain.

Discover here several Tips to care for a rose bush .

Other flowering shrubs

To finish we offer you 11 more names of flowering shrubs that are beautiful and widely used to decorate gardens and parks.

  • Imperial mallow ( Anisodontea capensis)
  • Veigelia ( Weigela florida)
  • Oleander ( Nerium oleander)
  • Ceanoto ( Ceanothus griseus)
  • Spike Celinda ( Deutzia scabra)
  • Durillo ( Viburnum tinus)
  • Abelia ( Abelia x grandiflora)
  • Veigelia ( Weigela florida)
  • Grinolera ( Cotoneaster horizontalis)
  • Brush tree (Callistemon citrinus)
  • Rhododendron (Rhododendron spp) , like the one in the photo below.
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