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It is almost summer and the balconies and terraces are going to become our greatest allies to escape the suffocating heat of home . But as good temperatures are reluctant to arrive, we still have time to fine-tune the exterior spaces of the house. One of the best options for decorating balconies and terraces are plants and flowers that will also give joy, color and life to these places.


Hanging plants

If you are not lucky enough to have a large terrace or there is a pet in your home, flower pots may be a nuisance. However, today we bring you a solution that I am sure you will love. These are the hanging plants. Thanks to them, your dog will never eat the leaves again or stir the earth.

So that you don’t have to spend money, try to unleash your imagination and use different materials that you can find in your home. Any of the planters you have can become a hanging pot, both for outdoor and indoor use. A great idea to create one is to line a wire basket with coconut sheets. To hang them on the wall, you will need a three-point system, which you can make with thick, sturdy ropes, chains, or applicators that you can get at any garden store.

Another original idea is to take advantage of the gutters or PVC pipes, sealing both sides and introducing the earth inside. They will look great hanging from the ceiling of your balcony and also in the kitchen.

Finally, we show you an option that will look great inside your home. It is about creating hanging pots using the macramé technique, achieving a structure that supports the pot. You can vary the number of knots depending on the size of the pot. In addition, you can play with the colors of the laces.

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