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Given the end of the summer season, our garden requires that we return to work and get down to work with some of the necessary tasks in this space for the fall.

Of course, compost, fertilization , pruning and changes in the amount of irrigation are elements to take into account, but you should not get lost with this and lose the opportunity to plant some seasonal specimens.

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List of shrubs for fall

If you already liked trying some bulbs and vegetables, go ahead with planting shrubs this time, they will give your garden an incomparable beauty!

The specimens that can best be planted during this season are the deciduous ones with a root ball (soil that is left attached to the roots of the vegetables to transplant them) and also in some cases the bare-rooted ones.

Some of the species that are best kept in winter are the following:

  • Acacia : The one also called ‘Mimosa’ is beautiful at any time of the year, and if in summer it gives beautiful white flowers in winter it turns red thanks to its small fruits.
  • Heather : It is a not too large shrub that gives off beautiful purple flowers in winter. It is also known as ‘Nazareno’.
  • Jasmine : The beautiful white flowers of this climbing shrub are an ideal natural fragrance for our gardens.
  • Tink of snow : His name is no coincidence, and that even during the coldest months of the year gives us hermosísimas white flowers.
  • Mahonia : This plant with dark fruits (red, black, violet, etc.) is considered a specimen of this time, although the truth is that it does not withstand excessively low temperatures.

You know, if you don’t want to give up color in your garden even on the coldest days of the year, plant one of these specimens… You won’t regret it!

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