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What can be planted in autumn

In fall, you can plant just about everything from bulbous and biennials to roses and deciduous trees. Being such an appropriate season for planting, it is very interesting to take advantage of this time for the establishment of new species, since they will acclimatize easily and can have a rest time during the cold winter. We will always bear in mind that autumn can be shortened for meteorological reasons, so we will take into account the real conditions more than the dates usually established. In AgroCorrn, we discover what can be planted in autumn.

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  1. Hedges and conifers
  2. Grass
  3. Roses
  4. Other plants


Hedges and conifers

As the soil retains some heat, the settlement of hedges and conifers is now easier. We will find specimens with bare roots in garden centers, which are cheaper than those that come in containers or pots. We dig a trench 25 cm deep and spread organic compost. We will calculate a separation between plants of 40 cm so that they do not have space problems. After planting it is recommended to prune the bushes so that they acquire a good shape.


In October, the deadline for sowing the lawn in temperate climates opens , provided we have prepared the ground in the previous season. In the rest, the most we can do is the preliminary work for the sowing in spring. All repairs of holes, bald spots, yellowing, etc. are allowed. and also the placement of grass plants or sod without problems.


We will also find bare root roses in nurseries We can install them in our garden until the end of winter. When deciding on one variety or another, we will not only look at their color, shape and fragrance, we will also check that they are resistant to diseases. After the purchase, you have to remove the damaged roots, shorten the rest and put them in a bucket with a paste of water, manure and garden soil so that they take root faster and more successfully.

Other plants

Those biennials that we planted in the first fortnight of October must be pealed now. Later they will not have time to settle down, so thought, primroses, miosotis, poet’s carnations and others will be our objective. Either from the summer plantings or bought in a pot, we will look for a hole in a well-fertilized and well-drained massif. We will achieve the best effect by separating the plants about 30 cm and gathering them in groups of three.

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