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Lantana is a lovely plant with elliptical leaves and a rough green surface. Its flowers are small and have different color combinations, which makes them ideal to place them in different decorative styles. It can reach up to two meters in height, ideal to spice up the garden and be very colorful.

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How to care for and grow lantana

Take note of how to care for and grow lantana:

  • Fertilizer : It is recommended to fertilize it towards the end of summer and in autumn, and it is not good to do it if the temperatures are very high since it is when it blooms and it could not do it in all its splendor. If it was very hot, wait a little for the subscriber.
  • Irrigation : It does not need much care in this sense since it is very resistant to drought, so water from time to time but do not have a lot of humidity. Always let it dry completely between waterings.
  • Light : It needs a lot of light so that the flowers can bloom in a maximum way and in general so that everything in full develops much better.
  • Temperature : If you live in an area where it is very cold, you should protect it in your home if it is outdoors and the temperatures are below 5ºC, in which case you could also put a plastic to protect it.
  • Transplantation : It should be done every two years and always at the beginning of spring. In the new pot you must put a substrate that is 60% akadam and the remaining 40% sand.
  • Flowering : It is very abundant and usually lasts several months.
  • Pests : The one that most often affects you and that also causes the most damage is the red spider, which usually appears in summer.

As a curiosity to say that this plant is very good to heal wounds on the skin or for other physical ailments, in addition to having properties that stimulate the heart.

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