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Water is one of the most fundamental elements in the life of plants since poor watering can cause the deterioration or death of the plant, either by having watered too much or by having done too little. That said, it has always been said that rainwater is the best for development to be more complete, but there are other types of water and with many of them some doubts arise.

There are some plants that are able to withstand conditions of high salinity since a certain dose is not bad, although it is not good for certain plants, especially those that are very sensitive to it. Salt is a nutrient for plants but if you put too much salt it can change their chemical composition and lead to serious nutritional imbalances if you administer it via irrigation.

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Preliminary considerations

This is the case of salt water, which a priori I tell you that kills plants since both when there is this type of water the earth and the roots compete for the same water, so it makes the plants unable to feed in the same way as when you put fresh water and that is when they begin to weaken and lose their properties, in many cases leading to death.

How to use salt water on plants

Although you can administer it in a fertilizer or compost , if you do it with irrigation it can cause drought as if you never watered them and that could be too disconcerting since you see the wet soil but in reality the plant is dry, so for irrigation use better fresh water (bottle, tap or rain) since there are too many risks you run with salt water.

Warmer climates are the most negative for watering with salt water, since in cold climates the effects of salt are not as noticeable or decisive as they are lower temperatures. In cold climates they can develop more slowly but are not at risk of drought or death as in climates where temperatures are higher.

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