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The roots are one of the most important parts of the plants and you have to be very careful because if they spoil or rot everything will spoil. Whenever you water your plants you have to check that the roots are in good condition, and at the slightest hint that there may be a disease, plague, fungus or any other derivative, do not hesitate to act to cure it and make it like new again. In AgroCorrn, we show you the best tips to prevent plant roots from rotting.

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Care to prevent plant roots from rotting

Here are a few tips so that you know how to take care of the roots of the plants when they begin to spoil and thus be able to prevent them all from rotting:

  • The first thing you have to do is carefully remove the plant from the ground, moistening it so that it is not damaged. Wash the roots with tap water as many times as necessary but be very careful about it.
  • Then use very sharp scissors that are completely clean and cut all the roots that are very affected. If there is already a lot of rottenness, clean the scissors with alcohol every few cuts and prune any leaves of the plant that could begin to rot.
  • The objective that we seek when cutting a leaf is that the plant has another opportunity for its roots to grow again since this way it will not need to feed many leaves.
  • The next thing you should do is remove all the soil that was in that pot and wash it thoroughly with a solution that contains bleach.
  • Lastly, dip the healthy roots in a fungicide solution to kill any fungus that may have lingered there to re-rot the roots. Replant it with new soil in the same pot and you will see that it grows without problems as if it were a new one.

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