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Covering walls, hiding fences, decorating exteriors … Ivy is one of the most beautiful climbing plants that we find today, a simple and elegant species that gives a romantic and cozy touch wherever it is.

But, between how many types of ivy should we decide for the garden? Next in AgroCorrn we give you a hand by leaving you a list with most types of ivy .

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  1. How is ivy
  2. What are the types of ivy
  3. How to care for ivy

How is ivy

In reality, ivy or hedera is not a single species but a genus of plants of the Araliaceae family, with up to fifteen different species of evergreen, woody and climbing plants.

Very dense in nature, any of these species blooms from spring to autumn, giving us some very cute little yellow flowers as well as some fruits that are poisonous to people (you know, nothing to taste them!).

What are the types of ivy

The most popular types of ivy are the following:

  • Algerian Ivy (Hedera algeriensis)
  • Azores ivy (Hedera azorica)
  • Canary ivy (Hedera canariensis)
  • Hedera caucasigena
  • Caucasian ivy (Hedera colchica)
  • Hedera cypria
  • Common ivy (Hedera helix)
  • Hiedra of Ireland (Hedera helix)
  • Wood Hiedra (Hedera maderensis)
  • Moroccan ivy
  • Nepal ivy (Hedera nepalensis)
  • Hiedra de Pastuchov (Hedera pastuchowii)
  • Japanese ivy (Hedera rhombea)
  • Hedera sinensis
  • Hedera taurica

How to care for ivy

The care for any of them to develop healthy and beautiful are quite similar: A warm environment between 14 and 20º , a few hours of sunlight (also in semi-shade), a weekly watering in winter or a couple in summer and a little liquid compost every two weeks.

In the event that you want to get a new specimen of the same plant, you must carry out a multiplication by cuttings, taking a healthy stem of the plant to plant it again. If the environmental conditions are optimal at all levels, reproduction can be carried out at any time of the year (although it is better to avoid the colder months).

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