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The succulents are certainly a beautiful plant that always look good in your home, in your garden, your terrace, your balcony … or wherever you place them ! But also succulents are great plants even in dry season. The succulents are plants that have their own sources of moisture.

Succulents can be long without water although clear, they will always need a little to survive. I will also give you some reasons why you cannot stop having your succulents even if it is the dry season .

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  1. Succulents give a sensation of water
  2. Resistant
  3. There is a lot of variety of succulents
  4. A cut succulent can live a long time
  5. They are excellent for dry bouquets

Succulents give a sensation of water

The succulents seem to have plenty of water thanks to its appearance. These plants will give the sensation of water lily leaves, that is, they are plants that form flowers but also always have enough water inside . Even if the sun gives it a lot or a little, they are a plant that gives pleasure to look at because of their beautiful shapes.


Thanks to their water reserves they can survive severe droughts.

There is a lot of variety of succulents

Most succulent plants look great year round. No matter what shape, color or size they are … all varieties of succulents are great and have very nice shapes to see and enjoy both inside and outside the home.

A cut succulent can live a long time

succulent that has been cut down can live without roots with or without water for several years. These plants can live for several years thanks to the humidity of their leaves. It seems incredible but it is totally true, in fact, I could venture to say that it is the only species of plants that is capable of achieving something as incredible as living without water and without roots with only the humidity of its leaves … it is fascinating !

They are excellent for dry bouquets

Thanks to their great capacity to live without water thanks to the humidity of their leaves, they are perfect plants to add to bouquets of dried flowers , thus giving them a livelier and more cheerful touch. That is why you can combine succulents with a wire to false stems or rods and add it to a bouquet of dried flowers and leaves. This will give you a subtle reminder that it is a waterless bouquet.

How about succulent plants to have them in your home and be able to admire their beauty and resistance every day?

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