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The Dracaena fragrans , also called trunk Brazil, stick water stick happiness or brazilwood, is a very popular tropical plant for indoor cultivation. As its name suggests, it has its origin in Brazil, and its popularity is due to its striking vertical appearance, topped with showy and large leaves that are born in rosettes. The plant can reach heights of up to 6 meters, but when it is cultivated in a pot, its growth becomes much smaller and also slower, maintaining adequate dimensions for the home. Still, a Brazilian trunk that is too tall can give us problems or be unsightly. Can the trunk of Brazil be pruned? Not only is it possible to do it with some prior knowledge, but it is highly recommended. Maintaining a controlled structure in this plant and carrying out an occasional pruning will make it maintain greater vitality and health.

If you want to learn how to prune the Brazilian wood, join us in this AgroCorrn article, in which we explain how to prune a Brazilian trunk step by step , as well as the basic care it needs afterwards.

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  1. When to prune a Brazilian log
  2. Tools to power a stick of water
  3. How to prune a Brazilian trunk step by step
  4. How to care for the cuttings of the pruned Brazilian trunk

When to prune a Brazilian log

The Dracaena or water stick is best pruned between mid-spring and early summer , or until mid-summer if you do not live in an area with very strong sun. At these times is when the plant is most active, and will have a better chance of recovering from the wear and tear caused by pruning without suffering diseases or becoming too weak.

Also, if you want, you can take advantage of pruning for the reproduction of the Brazilian trunk. In this case, the best time to prune a trunk from Brazil is early summer, around June in the Northern Hemisphere, so that the cut green trunks are more active and develop roots more quickly.

Another point is maintenance pruning, which in the case of this plant simply consists of removing the dry or damaged leaves that the plant is showing. This can and should be done throughout the year, as it is not traumatic at all for the trunk of Brazil, quite the opposite.

Tools to power a stick of water

Pruning this plant is not particularly difficult or complicated, so if it is a question of maintaining a common Brazilian trunk in a pot, the only tools to prune a Brazilian trunk that you will need are well-sharpened and properly disinfected pruning shears. before start working. That they have a good edge is very important so that the cuts are as clean as possible, so that the plant heals them better.

If what you are going to prune is not the small green trunks but its main woody trunk, you must take into account several things. The first is that, if you cut this trunk, it is difficult for the plant to sprout again at that point, since it has become lignified. Most of the logs from Brazil sold in florists and specialty stores are actually sections cut from larger Brazilian logs, which have been rooted in the greenhouse. In fact, it is because of this that its roots are so tiny and sensitive to waterlogging or rotting from overwatering.

In either case, you won’t be able to prune a thick log with pruning shears, so you’ll need a pruning knife . Use a specialized one for pruning and it is vital that it is well sharpened and sterilized.

How to prune a Brazilian trunk step by step

Once the tools are ready, know the steps to prune a Brazilian trunk or water stick with these simple indications:

  1. Disinfect the pruning shears that you are going to use with alcohol or a specific solution. If you are pruning multiple plants, sterilize them again after each use.
  2. Find the stem you want to prune. Make sure it is a green trunk so that it can sprout again.
  3. The usual thing is to cut these green trunks to approximately half their total height, although this is only a guide measure, since you can actually prune it as high or low as you prefer depending on the location and circumstances of your plant.
  4. Make a single clean cut, but don’t cut it completely perpendicular to the stem. A slightly inclined cut helps the plant to heal more easily, in addition to preventing water, sap or any other substance from accumulating on the wound that could favor the appearance of fungi or diseases.

How to care for the cuttings of the pruned Brazilian trunk

After pruning, the Brazilian trunk requires that we apply healing paste on the wound, since it is quite sensitive to infections and problems if it is not treated. You can buy healing paste at any specialized store, although making it yourself is very easy and can give better results. Follow these steps to make a plant healing paste :

  1. Prepare candle wax and heat it slowly until it melts.
  2. Once liquid, add a little fungicide powder , which is easy to buy at any nursery or online, and mix well until smooth.
  3. After this, and before it solidifies again, spread the mixture over the cuts made, covering them well.
  4. Once the wax cools, it will cover and completely seal the wound, protecting it from the attack of pests and fungi.

In this other AgroCorrn guide you will be able to learn much more about the care of the Brazilian trunk and its reproduction .

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