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The care of the plants requires having a complete equipment kit of special tools for gardening. For certain tasks such as smoothing the substrate or transplanting the specimens, we can use kitchen or painting utensils such as spoons and spatulas. However, some indoor gardening work is expensive to use tools that allow you to do the work comfortably and efficiently. The selection of tools and accessories for gardening is very important, because it will make our tasks easier. In the market we can find all kinds of tools for the care of both indoor and outdoor plants.

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The most recommended is to first acquire the most frequently used utensils. The tools that should not be missing for the practice of gardening at home are the following:

  • Scissors : They have multiple uses. Scissors are used for shallow pruning, cutting ties, or simply opening bags of substrate and compost. The most recommended are those with short, thick leaves. Ask them for the scissors to be garden scissors.
  • Transplanter : It is used to remove the substrate from the bags and remove the wilted plants. Transplanters with ergonomically shaped wooden or rubber handles are more practical for continued handling.
  • Scarifier : Indispensable if we have enough planters. This tool is basically used for debarking the surface of the pots.
  • Watering can : Essential to water the plants, it is advisable to have a minimum capacity of five liters. If we have few copies, it is enough that the shower is a small model, 1 liter. The best are those with a long, thin neck.
  • Sprayer : Necessary to alveolar or moisten the foliage of the plants. It is convenient that it has a capacity of between about two liters and has an adjustable duct to spray more or less.
  • Ties : They are used to straighten the stem and leaves of a plant or to fix it in a certain place. We can use natural and artificial raffia, clamps and wire covered in plastic so as not to harm the plant.
  • Pruning shears: It is complemented with scissors, since it allows to prune the thickest and woody stems. The chosen model must have thin but resistant blades.
  • Rake : Very necessary if we have planters. Its main function is to smooth the substrate of the pots.

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