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The immortal plant , also called immortal plant, straw flower or paper flower, is a plant of the Asteraceae family that has its origin in Australia but can be grown practically anywhere in the world. It is a herbaceous plant that can be annual or biennial and that, depending on its variety, reaches between 30 and 80 centimeters in height, making it perfect for indoors.

Its leaves alternate between linear and lanceolate, while its flowers are made up of several leathery bracts in very bright colors that are a mixture of yellow, pink, red and white. Its flowering period is very long, which makes it very interesting for both outdoors and indoors. In addition, its flowers are also perfect for later cutting and drying. At AgroCorrn, we explain the cultivation and care of the immortelle in detail.

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Immortelle care

  • Lighting: it has to be in full sun for several hours a day. If you have it indoors, let it be in the sunniest window so that it can develop correctly.
  • Temperature: the immortelle is very resistant to high summer temperatures, but it is not so resistant to lower temperatures in winter. If you live in an area where there is frost, during that time you will need to be indoors or in a greenhouse.
  • Irrigation: it should be frequent, more or less every 2-3 days but in small quantities. The plant must always be moist but not flooded.
  • Soil: the only specific need you have in this regard is that it has to have very good drainage.
  • Pruning: remove faded flowers so that flowering lasts longer.
  • Diseases: the one that can affect you the most is the one caused by the mildew fungus.
  • Multiplication: it is usually done by division of clumps in spring or autumn, and if it is by seeds it should be in winter-spring.
  • Germination : needs 10 to 20 days at 18ºC.

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