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Cultivation and care of the black orchid

Although black flowers are very difficult to be pretty, the truth is that orchids in this color are beautiful and are great to decorate any environment. The varieties of orchids are normally pink, white or purple, but there are also others that are worth growing and combining with others, such as the black itself that I was talking about at the beginning.

Its shapes are also very varied, and the black one is actually a garnet so dark that it ends up turning black or looking a lot like it, that is why it is called that although it really is not in some cases. It has its origin in Asia and northern Australia, and its flowers are very large and showy, making them perfect for decoration even though the color does not invite it. In AgroCorrn, we explain everything about the cultivation and care of the black orchid.

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Main cares

  • Location: it is best that you choose a very illuminated place since it needs a lot of light to be able to develop in all its fullness. The sun’s rays do not affect you negatively, so you can receive them at any time of the year without any problem.
  • Temperature: it can have a bad time when it is over 30ºC, so in that case it is better to move it to a cooler place.
  • Humidity: it is enough if it is at 50%, as long as it is not too hot. If you do, you spray the leaves so they always stay moist.
  • Irrigation: it has to be abundant during spring and summer, preventing the soil from drying out completely but without puddling.
  • Flowering : this stage runs from September to January and occurs only once a year. If the conditions and care are appropriate, orchids can last between 3 and 7 years.

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