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If you have a garden in your home, I am sure that you will love being in contact with nature and going out to have a good time while disconnecting from day to day and the stress that daily chores cause you. If so, I also bet you will like to close your eyes and enjoy the sun while it hits your face and also listen to the birds sing.

Birds are animals that must live in freedom, they have wings to fly! But if you like to enjoy them, you can put nature on your side and attract them by planting some trees in your garden that will make them come to settle in the trees and incidentally that you can enjoy them. Do you want to know which trees attract birds to your garden ? In the following agrocorrn article we will explain it to you.

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  1. Tree with flowers
  2. Trees with fruits
  3. Trees with houses prepared for birds

Tree with flowers

Trees that produce colorful flowers are usually full of nectar that are the delight of birds. If you want birds to roam your garden, do not hesitate to plant flowering trees because in addition to filling your garden with color, you will be able to enjoy the presence of small birds that will bring vitality to your home.

Trees with fruits

The trees that have fruit are also very tempting for birds because they will have secured food, especially when it comes to sweet fruits. If you want to have a garden full of birds and you do not mind that your fruits are eaten, do not hesitate to have fruit trees and you will see how the birds begin to appear to feed and nourish themselves thanks to the fruits.

Trees with houses prepared for birds

If you want to create a garden that attracts birds and be able to enjoy them, you can make them come no matter what type of trees you have planted outside your home. It is easier than you can imagine because you only need to shelter them and provide them with food and water.

As for the shelter in the market, you can find huts prepared to attract birds (to place in the trees) and that can nest in them in your trees. But you can also make them yourself in case you don’t want to spend the money, surely you can find great DIYs to make them and that they look great.

In addition to the shelter, it is ideal that you also provide them with food and water , you can distribute it throughout your garden or in some places where you think it will be well located. Remember to place it in a place that is not trafficked to prevent them from leaving scared.

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