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Use of bacteria as agricultural biofertilizers

Using bacteria as compost revolutionizes the use of fertilizers, and can even make chemicals unnecessary. Its use and research as promoters of plant growth are carried out in a specific way, taking into account the findings made on different bacteria. Its use enables new ways to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, extremely harmful to the middle room and incompatible with organic farming. On this occasion, progress has been made in the study of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which would make it possible to reduce the need for nitrogen fertilizers in sugarcane cultivation.

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A for total replacement

In this way, as a complement to traditional fertilization , these bacteria would act as biofertilizers, although the ultimate objective would be their total replacement. With the intention of making this feasible, researchers from the University of Queensland continue to study the potential of this bacterium, called Burkholderia australis.

His interest in it, on the other hand, is due to the great agricultural activity of the cultivation of sugar cane in Australia, one of the largest sugar suppliers in the world, with Queensland being the main producing region.

As is known, bacteria use nitrogen in the air to produce nitrogen compounds that are very useful for plants as fertilizer. It is through this idea that the crop receives the nutrients in a healthier way for the plant, the environment and the consumer.

Synthetic products

Specifically, Australian researchers have discovered a new species of bacteria that would have the virtue of overcoming the problems normally associated with the artificial fertilizers used. Their use would not only save money, as they are much cheaper than synthetic products , in addition to preventing pollution problems that come as a result of runoff.

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