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Five renewables for all the energy a home needs

Is it really viable home that only it caters to energy sources from renewable ? At night there is no sun, the wind stops, etc. But, despite these drawbacks, it can. The key is to combine several of these renewable and clean energies.

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The renewable energies

Using the five main renewable energies , a building can be totally self-sufficient from an energy point of view. Not only that, but it could also produce more energy than it needs and pour the excess energy into the grid, turning the house into a small power station. With the following five renewable energy sources, all the energy a home needs can be generated at any time of the day, any day of the year:

  1.  Geothermal energy : heat is extracted from the inner layers of the Earth. It can be used to heat water, produce electricity, or cool the environment.
  2. Mini wind energy : it takes advantage of the air by means of mini-wind generators that can be installed on the roof or, depending on the model, even on the windows as if it were a television antenna for the production of electrical energy.
  3. Biomass : forest residues, agricultural, forest industries, energy crops and organic residues from household garbage to produce combustion. Heating and hot water are produced by suitable boilers.
  4. Solar thermal energy : to supply sanitary hot water and to heat swimming pools. New methods for producing cooling from solar thermal energy are being investigated.
  5. Photovoltaic panels : solar energy collectors that are capable of transforming the Sun’s energy into electrical energy. They produce electricity to be used in the house. These five energy sources are available almost anywhere on the planet, if not all five, at least three or four of them. In addition, it is a way of providing electricity and energy to homes that are not reached by the general electricity grid.

Climate change is mitigated and it is not polluted. Renewables are the future of building energy systems.

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