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Growing cannabis indoors has been a practice that has been going on for decades. This is one of the cultivation techniques that have evolved the most in recent times, so it is the best method to obtain quality seeds. If you want to have your own indoor cultivation at home, keep reading and discover the indoor grow cabinets, as it is ideal to get started in this one. In addition, you will see that you can find very good cheap cabinets in the market, so it does not cost much to get and assemble them.

Thus, in this AgroCorrn article, we offer you the best tips for growing in an indoor closet and we summarize the key points to make your crop exceed expectations. Take note!

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  1. Growing marijuana indoors
  2. The indoor cupboard for growing
  3. Tips for growing indoors

Growing marijuana indoors

If we talk about cannabis cultivation, it is necessary to talk about indoor cultivation. Thanks to this method, a large quantity of buds and seeds can be produced. To achieve this, it is necessary to plant small plants and keep the growing space at an optimal temperature so that they can develop, grow and flourish properly.

There is a big difference in the result of plants grown indoors and those that grow outdoors. The buds of the first are more powerful and compact, with more intense aromas and flavors, which can translate into a better quality of cannabis. This happens because thanks to indoor cultivation you will always have control of any climatic factor that may intervene in the flowering of this plant. On the contrary, with outdoor marijuana cultivation it is more difficult to protect plants from inclement weather and certain pests.

The idea of ​​indoor cultivation and its main objective is to recreate the optimal conditions for the development of the plant, thus providing it with good lighting and temperature, as well as other environmental conditions in the appropriate measures, such as humidity or air renewal. .

The indoor cupboard for growing

The cultivation cabinet interior is a comfortable and easy way to have your own home grown indoors. It is a space that allows you to have indoor plants without having to allocate a room or room in your home or having to carry out works for it. This cabinet allows you to grow indoor crops such as marijuana.

The advantages of growing indoors through a closet are diverse and is that in addition to being comfortable, it is a useful element for growing in small spaces . First of all, because they are easy to assemble and disassemble, which means that they can be moved and located in multiple places. Also because there are different types and sizes, which will help you buy the indoor wardrobe that suits you best, taking into account your needs and the space you have. And finally, because thanks to grow tents, you will not have the need to have many other specific materials. However, if you want to dedicate yourself to growing cannabis, you should know that you will need to purchase an indoor grow closet kit to help you optimize the cultivation of this plant.

Among the equipment and material that you will need to grow marijuana in an indoor closet, you should have:

  • Lighting system: it is essential for indoor growing with a cupboard, to provide the light necessary for the good growth and optimal flowering of the plants.
  • Air extraction system: if the plants do not breathe properly, it can interfere with their development. It is important to have a ventilation system that will also allow you to eliminate odors.
  • Controllers and meters: these are devices that allow you to measure and evaluate both temperature and humidity, to check if the levels are correct. Without the control of these parameters, pests and diseases can appear in the plants.
  • Other essential materials: compost, seeds, pots or fertilizers are essential elements for growing. In this other AgroCorrn article we show you useful information about Fertilizers, fertilizers and additives for growing marijuana, their types and uses .

Remember that you can set up your own basic wardrobe and equip it with all the necessary devices and tools, or purchase a complete indoor grow wardrobe that already has the essentials for growing marijuana.

Tips for growing indoors

These are some tips for growing in an indoor cupboard that we offer you from AgroCorrn, but we recommend that you consult the store where you buy the seeds for the specific care that this variety needs.


During cultivation, the temperature must never exceed 31ºC or drop below 17ºC. This temperature will fluctuate depending on the stage of development the cannabis is in. Thus, for the growth phase it is recommended to keep the closet at an average temperature of about 24ºC , while during the flowering period the temperature should range between 26ºC in light and 20ºC in the dark.


Controlling the lighting is essential to ensure the proper development of the plant . Approach the bulbs about 60 cm from the crop if the sodium lamp is 600 watts and 40 cm if the lamp is 400 watts. During growth the plants need 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness, while during flowering the hours of light and shade will be equivalent: 12 hours for each. Remember that flowering can last between 50 and 70 days.


Humidity is another essential factor that will also vary depending on the phase in which the marijuana plant is. During growth it is important to maintain a high humidity of 70% to 80%, while in the flowering phase it is recommended that the level be above 50%.


Lastly, take into account the ventilation of the closet . Remember to install an extractor that must always be activated whenever the light in the interior closet is on. During the hours of darkness, however, the ventilation system should be activated 15 minutes every hour during growth and 15 minutes every half hour during flowering.

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