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Flowers and plants most used in perfumery

Nature brings great things to human beings. Thanks to plants and flowers we can continue living but, in addition, they provide many sensations such as those transmitted through sight and smell. Therefore, more than one is used to make perfumes and other aromatic products that most of us use. In this AgroCorrn article, we show which are the flowers and plants most used in perfumery.

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Flowers and plants to make perfumes

As is well known, the plant kingdom provides many ingredients to perfumers, especially flowers for their own aromatic richness. For thousands of years they have been used in many different civilizations. Of all the flowers that have been and have always been, the one that has always been more present is the rose , for its exquisite aroma and for its beauty. There are many varieties of the rose bush, but the most used are the damask rose and the centifolia rose.

Another of the most popular plants in the world of gardening is lavender , with blue flowers in spikes, which contains a fresh, soft, persistent and long-lasting fragrance, which is why it is widely used to scent clothes and ward off moths. From the tinctures and oils that are extracted from the plant, perfumes, waters and scented soaps are made.

Also Violet has been widely used in perfumery for its delicate aroma, but now only used on the structure of the most modern perfumes. In the same way, geranium is also very important in making perfumes, although depending on the variety, the notes are different. Pink geraniums are very frequently used in men’s perfumes. The mauve geranium, the scented geranium and the prince of orange are also very common .

Today modern perfumes are also based on flower petals, buttons and buds, such as jasmine, cananga or ylang ylang, orange or orange blossom, lilacs, carnation, narcissus, mimosa, jonquil and hyacinth, freesia, iris, gadiolo and saffron.

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