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Fertilizers, fertilizers and additives for growing marijuana: types and their use

To carry out a good marijuana cultivation, it is important to take into account both the needs of this plant, and the stage or phase of cultivation it is going through. Depending on these factors, some or other components will be needed for its optimal development, such as fertilizers and fertilizers for marijuana .

Next, in AgroCorrn, we talk about fertilizers, fertilizers and additives for growing marijuana, their types and their use .

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  1. What is marijuana
  2. Marijuana cultivation
  3. Fertilizers, fertilizers and additives according to the stage

What is marijuana

The cannabis sativa , also known as cannabis or marijuana is a plant family Cannabaceae . Its origin is in the Himalayan mountain ranges, Asia, although it is currently cultivated around the world.

Since prehistoric times, marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes thanks to its composition and its numerous benefits, textiles thanks to its strong fiber, food and fuel thanks to the oil of its seeds, and in some of its varieties as psychotropic, due to its psychoactive properties . For all these reasons, the consumption and development of marijuana has been banned in many countries, although its cultivation has been regulated in some.

For example, in Spain, what is considered legal is the cultivation of the amount of self-consumption. If this amount is exceeded, it is considered illegal, which can lead to fines and, in more extreme cases, jail. Therefore, we advise you that if you are going to grow marijuana at home, you do so by informing yourself very well of the legal limits, both of quantities and of the varieties of species that are legally accepted.

Marijuana cultivation

When it comes to growing cannabis, you are sure to have a lot of questions. Therefore, the most important thing is to plan it in order to understand the needs of the plant and give it the best conditions for it to grow optimally.

In this sense, you should know that marijuana grows better indoors , being able to control the factors that act on its growth much better. So you should look for a space where you can use an indoor grow tent that facilitates both the assembly and the optimization of temperatures, humidity or outdoor light. You should also take into account the meteorology of the region or geographical area where you are going to grow this plant, since, although they are indoor plants, their growth can be greatly influenced by external factors such as humidity or temperatures.

There is currently a wide variety of marijuana plants on the cannabis market, but before starting to grow, you should know the pros and cons of each of them before selecting the type of cannabis you are going to grow. Among the factors that you should take into account for its successful cultivation will be its resistance to pests, sudden changes in humidity, excess cold or heat, excess water or the fertilizers for marijuana that you should use. Get to know them below.

Fertilizers, fertilizers and additives according to the stage

During the cultivation of marijuana it is important to use the right products for each moment. In this sense, we will find specific fertilizers and fertilizers, depending on the phase in which our plant is. The variety of nutrients designed for the growth of the cannabis plant is very wide. You can find different types of fertilizer kit for growing marijuana that bring together all the components, fertilizers and special additives for the successful development of the plant, such as the Green Planet Starter Kit or the Grotek Megapack.

Rooting marijuana

In the first phase of cannabis cultivation it is important to use fertilizers and additives intended for rooting. Thanks to the rooting hormones, which you can buy in liquid or powder form, the cuttings of the plant will take out new roots more quickly and effectively. These hormones act as root stimulants. Its use is recommended during the first two or three weeks of growth and also in each transplant, since this will help the formation of new roots that will allow you to obtain greater development, optimal production and will favor the protection of the marijuana root system. .

The goal of rooting is to get the roots of the plant to absorb more minerals from the soil or water in hydroponic systems. That is, the plant is well fed. The amount of compost will depend directly on the amount of roots that the plant has: the larger its root system, the more compost it will need and the more it will harvest.

Marijuana growth

In order to promote the development of marijuana, it is important to use specific fertilizers and growth fertilizers that allow the plant to grow healthier and faster. Among the most used are mineral and biological fertilizers . The time of compost, fertilization and stimulation of the plants will depend on the substrate you use and the amount of nutrients it contains.

The best growth fertilizers are those that have a good dose of nitrogen, which helps make your plants greener and healthier. Also, the nitrogen will allow the marijuana to develop hard branches and trunks to support the weight of the buds.

Marijuana flowering

For the flowering stage, it is important to use the appropriate flowering fertilizers and fertilizers adapted to the needs of the plant. The use of flowering stimulants will allow you to obtain a higher production from your crop. On the other hand, you can use products for fattening buds, as long as they have high amounts of potassium and sodium, which will increase their weight and volume.

Flowering fertilizers, meanwhile, will help you feed the plant. With a balanced mixture of fertilizer and sugars you can make a difference with your harvest. During the fattening season, we recommend using a fertilizer with a high level of PK, in order to achieve large and compact buds.

Salt cleaners and correctors

The salt cleaners will help you remove the nutrients that the plants have not been able to absorb and have remained in the substrate. It is important to use them so that the buds preserve their original flavor.

On the other hand, if your marijuana plant has deficiencies, it is important to use correctors, that is, nutrients in chelate form , in order to balance its PH and maintain the properties of 100% cannabis.

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