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Are your plants not growing as you expected? The truth is that plants need care, some basic and others specific according to the species, which must be known if we want them to develop well. The first thing to do is make sure that they do not have any disease, such as pests, and if so, treat it as soon as possible. Keep reading these AgroCorrn tips in which we tell you how to make plants grow faster and don’t hesitate to put them into practice as soon as you can, you will see the results!

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Tricks to make plants grow faster

What makes plants grow? The answer is optimal conditions of light, nutrients, humidity, temperature, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to know the specific cares of each species, but also pay attention to their state on a day-to-day basis to check that they do not present symptoms of problems such as sunburns, flooding of the roots, pests , etc. When we see that the plants in our care are stunted , it is normal that we worry thinking that they may not succeed and think about reviewing their conditions and using some tricks , such as these:

  • Fertilizers and fertilizers
  • Substrate drainage
  • Pruning
  • Natural light
  • Irrigation
  • Temperature
  • Transplant

Below, we better explain each of these tricks to make plants grow faster .

Compost for plants to grow faster

All plants need a soil with enough nutrients to take advantage of them and grow. Thus, especially in the case of the plants that we have in pots, it is necessary to provide extra nutrients since the soil does not renew itself naturally or accumulate waste that helps improve the composition. Therefore, we must use natural fertilizers and fertilizers, since they are better than those that contain many chemicals, to help our plants grow well and faster. For example, composting is a good way to do this.

The difference between compost and fertilizer is that the former is spread directly onto the soil and mixed a bit, while the latter has to be diluted in water to be effective.

You can buy in a specialized store a fertilizer or natural compost to make the plants grow faster or, do it at home using food scraps. Discover in this other AgroCorrn article How to nourish plants with compost and fertilizers .

Worm humus to make your plants grow faster

This trick to accelerate plant growth is very simple, inexpensive and completely natural. The earthworm humus , that is to say, the feces of these animals, contributes great wealth to the earth and helps to regulate and improve the bacteria that are good for plants. Take notes to properly prepare and use worm cast tea for your plants :


  • A large container
  • Worm humus (16 g per liter of water)
  • Cloth or nylon bag
  • Water
  • Air compressor (like the one in aquariums)
  • Molasses or black honey (from cane sugar)

The amounts vary according to how much hummus infusion we need, it is best to do it a little by eye, taking into account that it has to be more liquid than thick. Also, to make it more environmentally friendly, you can use water collected from the rain .

Preparation and treatment

  1. Put the vermicompost in the cloth bag, it has to be able to strain or be breathable, and close it well.
  2. Place the filled bag in the bucket and fill with water until the bag is covered.
  3. Place and start the diffuser or air compressor or aeration system that you have obtained, those in fish tanks or aquariums usually work very well for this. The idea is that bubbles are made, which means that the water is oxygenated and in this way the bacteria that are needed for the soil of the plants are more easily obtained.
  4. Add to the water, which will begin to turn dark, a teaspoon of molasses, previously diluted in a little hot water, for every 20 liters of water, so if you use less or more water, you will have to calculate the amount.
  5. Let the ingredients infuse and oxygenate well for about 12 or 14 hours to have the worm cast tea ready so that the plants grow better and faster.
  6. To use it you will have to spray it on the soil of the plants or pour it directly for a faster effect, according to the needs of your plants.

Prune plants to grow faster

When the plants finish flowering or if we detect diseased parts, full of pests or burned, we must prune them so that they recover from the effort that these situations entail and continue to grow well. Therefore, try to prune all your plants well every time you see something strange in their leaves that is difficult to treat, especially if it is very widespread or if you see yellow or very dry leaves and stems.

When there are few flowers left to fall and there are no buds, it is a perfect time to prune the plants correctly and give them the push they need to be healthy and continue to develop. Use pruning shears and cut the branches or stems near the central stem but without touching it or, if only part of the stem or branch is bad, cut just behind a healthy knot leaving part of the branch or stem good so that it continues to grow.

Soil drainage for plants to grow better

It is necessary to choose the right substrate to have good drainage and avoid flooding. Plants with too much water stop growing and start to get sick, their leaves and stems are darkened and they wilt. Therefore, do a transplant or change the soil or substrate if you see a plant with a decayed appearance and the soil is humid, even if the surface is dry you should touch further inside to check the humidity level of the soil.

There are plants that need a more humid and compact soil and others need a lighter substrate with a lot of drainage, such as succulents . Thus, it is best to inquire at the specialized gardening store about what care each type of plant we have needs.

Light, humidity and temperature for plant growth

If you see that your new plant has stopped growing and is starting to look a little weird, make sure that the place where you have it meets all the basic conditions of the specific plant species . The excess or lack of natural light, water, humidity and even temperature will make a plant stop its growth for survival, to try to rest as much as possible and not be completely exhausted.

Thus, as the conditions improve, such as spraying water on its leaves, improving its drainage if it has too much humidity or changing it to a sunnier or shaded place, depending on your needs, you will soon see an improvement in its appearance and in a few days it will resume its appearance. growth .

Transplanting the plants to make them grow better

Plants need space to grow fast and well , so always keeping them in a small pot is not a good idea. If any of your plants have stopped growing but you think they should still be growing, ask yourself if the space you currently have is enough. The more space they have, the better, so do not worry if a pot seems too big for a plant, if you can have it at home like that, the better. Of course, if you can have them planted directly on the ground, in a garden, orchard or field, much better.

It is advisable to transplant the plants several times throughout their life, but it is necessary to avoid doing it while they are in full bloom, since they can lose all the flowers before the end of the cycle. It is best to wait for the flowering to finish, as with pruning. In fact, it is good to first transplant them and then prune so that the plants grow faster and better .

List of very fast growing plants

There are species of plants that grow very fast that can be useful if you are looking to fill a hole in your garden or field, for example as a fence. It is the case of the following:

  • Bamboo ( Arundinaria spp., Bambusa spp., Phyllostachys spp., Sasa spp).
  • Thuja or tree of life ( Thuja occidentalis ).
  • Cypress ( Cupressus ).
  • Ivy ( Hedera helix ).
  • Clematide ( Clematis spp. ).
  • Hops ( Humulus lupulus ).
  • Hibiscus ( Hibiscus syriacus ).

Discover more species with AgroCorrn in this other article on What are the hedges and trees that grow the fastest .

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