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Plant fast-growing trees

Some trees take many years to believe. So if we want to plant a tree in our garden to shade us in summer, it is best to choose to plant fast-growing trees that can become large and leafy. There are several species that tend to grow at a higher rate than the average tree, and for this reason they are widely used to reforest or to create parks and gardens. If you want to know some of the most common fast-growing trees to plant and their advantages, then in AgroCorrn we will detail it for you.

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Why plant fast-growing trees and the best types

The most recommended fast-growing trees are ash, willow, poplar, banana, aguaribay and casuarina , as they are fast-growing species that are usually used in large areas to protect from the suffocating heat and they are very beautiful and effective for this purpose.

You will agree that there is nothing more sad and desolate than seeing a park without vegetation, it is always better to see green trees, also the leaves of the trees give a very pleasant vision and appearance that achieve a complete and beautiful landscape.

For this reason, we recommend that when you open a home with a large green space, you decide on the acquisition of fast-growing trees. They grow faster, but are just as beautiful as the others and provide plenty of shade .

In addition, these tree species are often used as barriers to protect from winds , provide shade or highlight some areas of parks and gardens. In terms of growth time, estimate that they rise about 1 meter or more in the space of a year.

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